Da Vinci

Universal works

A world-famous figure, a universal artist, a genius... There is something conventional about the widespread image of Leonardo da Vinci, like an obligation to admire, which makes it difficult to understand. Imagine Da Vinci shows how this self-taught man became, through curiosity and observation, one of the greatest thinkers of his time. Divided into 3 acts, the immersive exhibition takes a fresh look at the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

A timeless genius

How did Leonardo da Vinci manage to accomplish the work of a civil and military engineer, town planner, theater and celebration designer, architect, sculptor, musician, writer and painter? How can such a vast and diverse work be so coherent? Drawing on a wealth of iconographic research, including a large number of little-known drawings, Imagine Da Vinci offers a fresh look at a subject that has fascinated the general public for five centuries.


  • Tailor-made, turnkey or media bundle immersive exhibition
  • Load-in: from 48h / Load-out: from 24h
  • 360° + floor laser projections in Image Totale©
  • 400 to 1500 sqm (4000 to 16000 sq ft)
  • Introductory discovery room
  • Inclusive and accessible for all
  • Available in any language
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