A dreamlike experience

Imagine Paris exhibition is a historical tour of Paris’s most iconic landmarks: Notre-Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides, Montmartre, the mots iconic museums...
The experience is built around two areas suitable for all audiences: the immersive space, where visitors are plunged in a universe of images, and the discovery room with history, culture and anecdotes... Complementary activities and playful workshops enhance the visitor's experience.

A French know-how

With 360° and floor projections in Image Totale©, the scenography perfectly fits all types of venues. This original exhibition is the new immersive experience designed by the creators of the world's first-ever digital immersive exhibition.
Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron are the pioneers of immersive art and heirs of Image Totale©, an innovation created in France in the 1970's.


  • Tailor-made, turnkey or media bundle immersive exhibition
  • Load-in: from 48h / Load-out: from 24h
  • 360° + floor laser projections in Image Totale©
  • 400 to 1,500 sqm (4,000 to 16,000 sq ft)
  • Introductory discovery room
  • Inclusive and accessible for all
  • Available in any language


Available in 2024!
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